Providing ambulatory, wheelchair, and gurney non-emergency medical transport in Albuquerque and beyond.



Service Details

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  • Per NM State Regulation: Stellar Transit ABQ may only transport passengers who do not require medical intervention to maintain their level of response, airway, breathing and circulatory status, with the exception of self-administered oxygen not to exceed six liters per minute via a nasal cannula; the oxygen container must be secured in accordance with other state and federal lates; and may not transport passengers that require medical monitoring or medical intervention.
  • Stellar Transit ABQ is not a general shuttle service, general taxicab service or household goods service.
  • Stellar Transit ABQ is not responsible for delays or cancellations caused by weather or road conditions when reasonably required for safety or when due to road construction, conditions when reasonably required for safety or when due to road construction, road closures, law enforcement stops or similar matters beyond the control of the carrier.
  • Stellar Transit ABQ is not responsible for lost, stollen or damaged items.
  • Stellar Transit ABQ will transport registered service animals only.
  • Stellar Transit ABQ reserves the right to refuse services to a person(s) under the influence of alcohol or other substances; or who is incapable of making decisions or caring for themselves or may cause harm to self, driver, other Stellar Transit ABQ employees or fellow passengers. Refusal of service may also result due to a danger to the condition of the motor vehicle or cargo.
  • Stellar Transit ABQ may require that all firearms carried by any passenger other than an authorized law enforcement officer be unloaded and placed in a locked area of the vehicle during transport, along with all ammunition and any other weapons.
  • Stellar Transit ABQ has a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy. To report a general complaint about a driver or if you suspect a driver to be or have been under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol during a ride please call 505-369-8291.